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Manage Existing Templates

This screen allows you to load, alter and create new templates. This includes editing the some standard templates available that were originally part of the fck editor. Do this by either selecting an existing template with the Title drop down or entering a new title and description along with your HTML Template.

Templates are simple HTML. You can create a template without the knowledge of Html. Just type the text in as if you were writing standard text content. For variables just wrap them in ' !' and you should be all set. If you are creating a template that you expect to use in other module instances this is the screen you would use to create and save that template so that you would not need to copy it from module instance to module instance. If you edit an existing template and that template is being used in module instances. All module instance will be updated with the template changes. This saves time when you have a template that is used in several places in your site and you want to update all of them all at once.

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