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Below is the token list as documented in the UDT module Documentation. Since that module uses the same method for
replacement this list should be correct. It is thought to be completed but may not be. I have tested most of these and they all worked as expected.

Token Description
[Portal:Currency] Currency String
[Portal:Description] Portal Description
[Portal:Email] Portal Admin Email
[Portal:FooterText] Portal Copyright Text
[Portal:HomeDirectory] Portal (relative) Path of Home Directory
[Portal:LogoFile] Portal Path to Logo file
[Portal:PortalName] Portal Name
[Portal:PortalAlias] Portal URL
[Portal:TimeZoneOffset] Difference in minutes between Portal default time and UTC
[User:DisplayName] User’s Display Name
[User:Email] User’s Email Address
[User:FirstName] User’s First Name
[User:FullName] | [deprecated]
[User:LastName] User’s Last Name
[User:Username] User’s Login User Name
[Membership:Approved] Is User Approved?
[Membership:CreatedDate] User Signup Date
[Membership:IsOnline] Is User Currently Online?
[Profile:<Property>] Use any default or custom Property defined for user profiles as listed in Profile Property Definition section of Manage User Accounts. Please use non-localized Property titles only.
[Tab:Description] Page Description Text for Search Engine
[Tab:EndDate] Page Display Until Date
[Tab:FullUrl] Page Full URL
[Tab:IconFile] Page Relative Path to Icon file
[Tab:KeyWords] Page Keywords for Search Engine
[Tab:PageHeadText] Page Header Text
[Tab:StartDate] Page Display from Date
[Tab:TabName] Page Name
[Tab:TabPath] Page Relative Path
[Tab:Title] Page Title (Window Title)
[Tab:URL] Page URL

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