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Q. What data types are supported?
A. All data is stored as a strings. Which makes is most suitable for display on your page.

Q. Is there a size limit to the templates?
A. No

Q. If I edit the template after I have added items to the module what happens to the existing Items?
A. They will take on the new template format. If you did not change any of the Variables, each item will now look like the new template. If you have one or more new variables you will have to revisit each the items and update the value for the new variables. If you have changed the name of a variable, the name of the new variable will be shown for editing and the old variable name be listed with a "~" in front of it until you next save the items variable set. This lets you copy the old value from the renamed variable to the new variable if needed.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of Variables in a template?
A. No

Q. Can I save my templates for use in other module instances.
A. Yes

Q. Can i use the template editor to edit the fck editor template List.
A. Yes the templates used in this module are saved as part of the fck template list.
Update: the fck Editor is no longer used as of version 01.00.03 (DNN 6) but the original templates are still usable.

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